Viewing trips

Breaking away from ordinary life to get a place in the sun can be a lifelong dream, but how are you going to make it a reality?

To find your perfect place, you need to view the best properties in your budget, in the right style and location. Then sit and think about it for a while.

That’s what we do on our viewing trips. We ask you what you want and then our expert team finds it for you. We offer exclusive highly personalized one-on-one inspection trips for our clients. You will be viewing solely properties that fit your briefing. There is no high-pressure sales during our trips, it’s not our way. And we will ensure that you get to see the best offers across the area of your interest.

It’s our experience that during the visits your wishes and priorities may shift. But this is something we anticipate and are well prepared for. We are able to adapt the program to your new requirements in short term. This makes our viewing programs highly efficient.

Let us know what kind of properties you are interested in and when you are available for viewings. We will carefully prepare and plan your customized viewing program.  Our expert staff on site will guide you during the visits and will provide you with in depth knowledge about the properties, the area and the local property market.  

Let us know when you want to come and visit: