How do I plan a visiting trip and when should I come down to take a look?

Do not keep surfing the internet endlessly. Practice has shown that an actual viewing trip changes your wishes and expectations. Things that did not initially seem important now are. You will only find out about these things if you engage in viewings at an early stage of your property search.

For that reason, at Azur Living, we arrange viewings as quickly as possible. An early viewing is always beneficial, and good preparation is essential for that. If you would like to view properties, then together with you, we will compile a list with the houses and/or projects to be visited. Our local teams in Spain, France and Ibiza will prepare everything for you. If you have different insights during the visit on site, we can respond quickly. We simply adapt the programme to meet your new wishes and ideas. Together with you, we go through the entire process. So let us know the dates of your desired visit and we will get to work for you!

Want to know how to make a viewing visit efficient?

Read our brochure 'How to make your viewing trip efficient and successful'.